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The Taven Hill Studio is a small independent studio that has creations ranging from

          Photo            to   Mixed Media             to  Literary  projects.





 Taven Hill  Showcase  Collections of

Art and Photo


Hong Kong




Venice, Italy






Florence Italy

Macau Lighthouse


                                          Vegas                                                                                          Dublin, Ireland                                                                    London




by Michael Taven Hill

Buggles Travel Book:  

Its time to travel...its Time to Buggle


Buggles is a Edwins Teddy Bear.  Buggles is a Yankee Teddy Bear

who lives in Ireland.  Edwin's dad had to go overseas for his work..

Edwin had to wait till summer break to fly to Hong Kong to rejoin

 his dad. Come & Read Buggles trip from the countryside of Ireland

to Hong Kong with stops in Chicago and Tokyo.


  Click here to    Go to Buggles Page  






Galveston Beach, Texas




The Chicago Collections

Come to Chicago


  Come to Chicago, Come to Chicago and feel the winters blue of the city.  Come to Chicago, so I can be with you.  Be dazzle, by the skyline sights of the night,

and warmed up by the Second City food by the dinner side.  No need to have pain from being away,

it is the Sweet Home Chicago feeling that will make you smile inside and to all those who come.

  I will show you the city, so you will feel at home. After you have visited this fabulous city,   you will feel happy,  to finally come,  to be in my Chicago.  

  Come to Chicago and sit by me at waters edge of lake by the pier,  so we can take in the sunset of the night, to shine your beauty’s glow.

Lets’ go by the big fountain in the park, so I can give words by your ear and listen to my words to why my heart runs wild on emotions for you.

Come to Chicago, my dear, my heart aches for you to finally be by my side.

Come to Chicago.......Come to Chicago.....


2011 Chicago Gothic collection

Over 100 pictorial collection of Outdoor Building Facades

Chicago Christmas

 2013- Chicago Murals

Chicago Sports


2015- Chicago Loop Bridges  click here










Over 300 Photo's

Art is not a graded vision.   

Art is a window tapestry,   

you are expressing to others,     

 what you see or feel          






New York City





2017  -Chicago Speaks Collection- Over 400 Tavenhill Chicago Photos with quotes from anyone who has a connection to Chicago




Hong Kong


2016 Evanescence Collection - over 100 Photos-   Collection of American poems from early 1800 and on with Taven Hill Photos.

         Evanescence -chiefly literary quickly fading from sight, memory, or existence.











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My three monkeys,  Have a great  2020 New Year!!!!!!....





  Hong Kong



Travel World Expo


The Taven Hill Studio Travel  list- A helpful guide to explore the travel senses:    


Chicago:  Check Please  ABC Hungry Hound    Chicago Magazine    Fodor's    Chicago Architecture Foundation

       Timeout Chicago    Chicago Reader   Where Chicago  Chicago scene   Illinois Entertainer   City of Chicago   

Chicago Art Shows:    Wells Street Art Show   Lincoln Park Arts Festival   Gold Coast Art Fair


the Taven Hill Travel Hound  & Arts  web site  Corner

       $40 dollars a day,     Samantha Brown,    Burt Wolf,      Tony Bourdain,     Lydia's Iltaly,    Ovation Tv,    

       Phantom Gourmet     Rick Steves,   The Seasoned Traveler,   Rudy Maxa     Smart Travels,   Travelscope

       Travel Channel,  Laura McKenzie's Traveler    Globe Trekker   BBC Travel Show   BBC Travel   The Travel Ambassador

        Johnny Jet   Explore Parts unknown   USA News & World report Travel guides   Crazysexyfuntraveler  

       Valerie Caulin    Godsavethepoints   Mark Wiens  migrationology   Johnny Ward   Act of Traveling   

       Hotel Coupons-  Travel Coupons   E Hotel Coupons  Hotel Coupons.com


Off the Path Sites  & More   time out Hong Kong   Le French GourMay Hong Kong  The Standard-Hong Kong

       Key Pad Magazine   Sky scanner-Airline Flight Checker   Roads & Kingdoms   NHK Japan  Paris escapes   

        Japan Talk- Tokyo neighborhoods    Channel Newsasia   ROGue Magazine Phillipines



Artist  collective and other sites:

        Adam Iler-  Montana Monkey Artist   Niki Gulley   jeannene anderson gallery    Art in American Magazine  

       Scott Williams Photography   Richard Wilson Fine aRT    Rodney Lough Jr      Black Pearl fine art    

        The art of Mondero   Metcalf    Chozen Studio   Deviant Art   Archangelo-at Deviant Art    Jazmin Giron

        Shiroang- at Deviant Art    Bridgeport   Stultifer Art    International Art in Venice  lufer Art  

        Alberto Sarria   Judi Harvest   Due Zeta   Opera Gallery  Art Basel-Hong Kong  Contemporary Art Philippines

        Support a Comic     



Walkabout Series  taven hill studio travel articles with Photo's


    Always  be  a  Savy  Consumer  Tourist !!!!!

Your travel may not be like my Travel,  here are some travel tips with photos from the  airport to downtown and some other visits...

    * Time goes forward....things do not stay the same, for the most part.....information contain here may not be the latest....still enjoy the photos!!

Your travel is not like my travel:  Does Taven Hill endose infomation/websites spotlighted.  No. Not at all. Your travel or experience will be different from what I have experience or encountered. I can recommend a place, and it goes haywire while you are there, that can happen and often does. Use travel empowerment when you travel.


   Rome to Venice

A train travel from Rome to the city of canals


     Hong Kong  on the Run  

From the airport to Hong Kong Central


Sweet Home Chicago using O Hare Airport

on the Taven Hill Chicago Page


  Spotlight Tokyo..  using Narita Airport


Macau on a hop...Hong Kong to Macau


Paris  using Charles de Gaulle airport

Ireland Road Trip--

Coast to Coast Ireland Photo highlights

Dublin to Galway

Dublin Airport to Downtown

From the Airport to the City Center Area

  A Couple of Ireland Churches

from the Ireland Road Trip Series

Hotel planning- What questions may

you have , when you pick one to stay at

Read the Hotels, Hotels, Hotels article  

Cebu Philippines Holiday Spotlight

Need a place to travel, a way off the regular path travel

A travel article that features resort vacation holiday.

**Your  travel trip is not like my trip... Use Travel Empowerment when traveling.


Thee disclaimer, its  the, reality truth pointers. Remember, life is full of disclaimers or better yet, life is full of errors and unintentional one way paths.  Just remember also, the disclaimer is just a little ghost and demons pointers in traveling.


Traveling overseas is easy, its when you have a question or need help, that’s when it becomes a drama vacation.

  Emerald  Journey - Now available in print.

Click for a preview page of the book

Dublin Spotlight

 City  of  Dublin  with Photos


Your travel

is not like my travel article


Here is some questions you to ask when you go overseas,

to help with travel empowerement on your trip


Your Travel

Waterford, Ireland Spotlight

City Spotlight of Waterford, Ireland  


Limerick, Ireland Spotlight

City Spotlight of Limerick Ireland

Cork, Ireland Spotlight

City Spotlight of  Cork, Ireland





2013 Venice Hub

Venice Walkabout taven hill studio article

A Taven Hill Studio photo tour trip from Rome to Venice. Click here

It's a plane, trains and no automobile photo trip adventure...




New York City



Silver Lake Dunes,  Michigan





  more photos







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